Registration Options

You have been great with responding to questions as I get ready to launch tomorrow, appreciate it!
I went thru a few test runs of registering and have a few snags, a few that I have separate tickets on, but may be related, like the buttons not working in Chrome.
I discovered that while clicking on the "enroll now" button here, a popup window opens and then users have to click on the "create an account link then be prompted to create account. That is where it gets ugly, if a secure password is not entered, and the "create an account" button does not work, users get frustrated and leave.

So I made a new page here that redirects from the "login" in the menu, but not on the "enroll now" button.

I can't find a way to change the URL, or change the dialogue in the pop up window. I get the restriction in the passwords, but the character requirement is not clear. I had several users try and there was a lot of frustration.