Registration Page

When I attempt to use the original membership form to register it redirects the reader to the homepage. I searched through and tried the fixes that I saw but was not able to rectify the situation. I want to add a coupon (which is also not working properly), but do not see an option on the quick pop up registration form to add a coupon code. That is why I am attempting to use the original form.

The coupon code will not add and through searching I see that this is sometimes an issue but often the code works even though on the dashboard it does not appear. I would love to be able to test it out and see if it works.

-All my pages membership pages have separate pages set up.
-I verified and repaired my membership tables (all were ok and green)
-I added the shortcode [subscriptionform] on the register page.

This is the site

Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks