Registration page for BuddyPress overrides Membership Registration page.

Hi there. I've got Wordpress 3.3.1 with Membership Premium 2.1.4 and BuddyPress installed. The site has free and paid subscriptions.

When I set the Registration page in Membership, everything works normally. You enter your username, name password and email address and the button says "Sign-Up" and clicking it takes you to the subscription page where users can select a free or paid subscription.

In BuddyPress, when I set the Registration page to the same page as Membership (the page has the same short code), BuddyPress overrides the signup form. The form looks almost the same, but the button says "Complete Signup" and it just signs up for a free subscriber account. It never takes the user to the subscription page.

How do I get them to coexist happily, and use the right form?