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I am trying to find out how to remove the bottom half of the header on the registration page template so that when someone clicks the Join our Community Button it doesnt look like they have stayed on the exact same page if they have a small screen. Hope I have expained it properly.
Any help would be appreciated

  • dualta
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    Hi Mason
    Thanks for the quick reply
    I read through the posts and can{t find what I am looking for.
    I already have a signup page.
    I use Blogs MU theme
    I set up the page by adding a new page using the members login template
    It works fine but I wish to change the header it uses.
    It uses the same header you would see on the from page of the theme ie the one with the picture of a tv and the Join our community page button
    The problem is if someone is veiwing my site on a small screen like a laptop they go to the homepage and click the join our community button and it looks like nothing has happened although obviously is they scroll down the sign up for will be there and obviously the url has changed from .com to .com/wp-signup.php. but people dont seem to get you have to scroll down and I am getting a hundred plus emails a day saying the site is broken, join button doesnt work etc all because the header on the signup page is identical to the homepage and too large.
    So what I want to do is cut the TV picture and Join our community part of the header out of the members login template or change the header info to use the same header it uses in the default template I.e. just my logo and the login and pages links.
    I hope I am making sense, I know what I want to do but am having trouble explaining it
    thanks again

  • Mason
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    Hiya dualta,

    Trust me, you want a custom wp-signup.php ;D

    By default the WordPress signup page (wp-signup.php) uses the index.php page template. You want it to use the page template instead (you'll notice other pages on your site don't have the larger header - it's only the home page).

    The only way to get the singup page to behave like one of your other pages, is to create a new page. It's not too difficult and will give you the ability to totally customize things the way you like.

    I'd recommend looking at the page-template-full-width.php file and combining it with the contents of wp-signup.php.

    Again, the link above walks you through more of this process step-by-step and if ya need anything more specific, just let us know!


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