Registration page is not working

MB2 registration not completing , it just returns the user to the registration screen. The page reloads and no member is properly created.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Brandon

    I hope you're fine today!

    I checked your site and there are actually two issues there. One is a matter of configuration and the other one is a bug. Let me start with configuration one as sorting this out will let you users properly register.

    There's a BuddyPress and a Membership 2 Pro used on site at the same time and currently the same page is set as registration page for both (there's even a warning about this) and the BuddyPress integration is disabled in Membership 2 Pro. I understand that because of some additional fields you do want to stick to BuddyPress registration process so to utilize this you'd need to do as follows:

    - set two different pages as "registration" page in BuddyPress and Membership 2 Pro configuration
    - in Membership 2 Pro -> Add-ons enable the "BuddyPress integration" add on
    - click on "Details" in the "BuddyPress integration" box on "Membership 2 Pro -> Add-ons" page and make sure that "Use BuddyPress registration" option is enabled

    This might mean that you may need to do some editing on the page to make it look good but it will address these redirects and "no membership assigned" issues once you only deal with the bug (see below).

    The second issue is a bug in a Membership 2 Pro plugin that causes membership not to be assigned if the "account verification" option is active in Membership 2 Pro. If it's enabled user has to select membership, register and then signup for the membership again. Disabling that option will also disable necessity for account activation but will make it all work together. If you set M2P + BP as explained earlier and disable that option (on "Membership 2 -> Settings -> General" page) a user will be taken to registration page with all the BP fields, will be registered and will be given a membership.

    As for the bug, there's a fix already that will be included in the next release. Meanwhile, it's either disabling that verification option or you can "update" the Membership plugin if you don't mind "digging" in the plugin files. Here's a brief guide on how to "patch" the plugin until the update containing the fix is released:

    Best regards,

  • Brandon

    Thank you, that worked! One last issue: the use needs to be redirected to their original destination page.

    This page is protected and if a user clicks on it, they currently are taken through the correct registration page and process, but it dumps the user on the thank you page instead of, back to their original destination page. Please help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Brandon,

    It looks like there's something on your main site that's preventing the redirect from working properly.
    I have created new subsite on your network (, it's deactivated at the moment) and when I tested the process there the redirect happened properly.

    It's most likely your theme or one of the plugins active on main site that's causing this.
    Can you perform a conflict test by disabling other plugins and switching to default WP theme to see if that's indeed the case?
    If the redirect works fine after that then activate plugins again one by one until the issue is back.
    This should tell us where the conflict is and we can debug it further from there.

    P.S. As I said above the test site I've created is disabled at the moment, I left it there in case that you want to see redirect working properly there.

    Best regards,

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