Registration Page just refreshes, it won't register the user to proceed.

I couldn't get it to function with lite, so I upgraded to premium, I'm still having the same issue though. When I fill in the user information for a new account and click "Register My Account" it just refreshes the page with all data lost. Any ideas?

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    Greetings kevin_ward,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    The first thing I would recommend would be to start with a fresh install of Membership removing all the previous remnants of the lite version including the database entries which tables all start wp_m_ though this does not specifically address the issue you are referring to, when you do get things going it will certainly prevent issue then.

    Have you gone through a complete setup of the Membership Plugin? Creating a level and setting up the stranger/visitor settings?

    To directly address the issue at hand the first thing we would want to do is make sure that you database tables are all setup and initialized properly.

    To do this logged into your site admin dashboard go to Membership --> Options --> Advanced tab and click on Verify Membership Tables

    If any of them do not pass verification then choose repair Membership tables then again see if you can verify the Membership Tables and get a "green" OK for all of them.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • kevin_ward
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    Everything is setup, walked through each part many times, everything is activated, I did the verify and repair on the tables as well. I'm wondering if you've ever seen a registration page hang up like this and not go anywhere and if there is normally a culprit or place to look.

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    Turns out that GetPermalink() fails on all the Membership includes, so it doesn't know what page it's posting the forms to. 2 solutions that work are hard coding the link in each form, or the better option was changing my permalink structure to /index.php/postname/. Now everything works. This may just be an issue with my IXwebhosting and that I had to add a custom 404 page to deal with custom permalinks on their server.

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