Registration process getting stuck on 'select a level' – also hiding public pages


I’ve just installed the latest membership plugin, and I’ve run into two issues.

1. Can’t get passed the registration page where it asks to select a membership level. Even though there is only one level, and it has been set up to be the default. It doesn’t provide any links to select the membership level, and it should be here in the first place. It should just go to the confirmation.

2.Even though I have created a membership level for: public for all ‘strangers’ to the site, and activated all the public page, this plugin is not showing some content in the home page slider for those featured pages (yes, they are checked in that public level) – they should be visible. Instead it shows a page that is not even set to to be ‘featured’ .

3. The other thing is that the link on this registration page that says ‘already have an account? Login here” is linked to the default WP login, and not the custom login page – am I supposed to use an htaccess redirect to fix this?

I have also tested this plugin with the default twentyeleven theme. And the registration page does the same thing.

But I hope that the slider on the home page isn’t conflicting with this plugin.

Any help would be appreciated!