Registration Process not working

Hi Folks, I’ve been using Membership 2.07 for a year or so on our site to handle content access for students of a Yoga school (no payments). I’ve also been using the WP user registration until now. I’ve just updated to the latest version of Membership and I want to use the Membership registration because I can’t seem to quell the huge amounts of user registration spam.

I need to setup 2 different Free subscriptions which contain different levels of access. I’ve properly created these 2 levels and made my registration page, but the process is not working. After selecting the subscription plan you want, you get to a page which then allows you to confirm you’re subscription and apply a promo code if you’d like (this isn’t necessary for us) and once you click the subscribe button on this page, the page is reloaded and nothing happens. Give it a shot here..

I’ve researched the issue here as much as I could without any luck taking care of the issue. Any help would be awesome. (WordPress 3.4.1)