registration process

Not all MPUDEV-Members are developers. That’s why I like to ask for simple solutions:

1) a) How can I modify the registration form? I need some address fields for sending an invoice.

b) The registration form must also have an “I agree to the terms” field. I want to add some text (explanation and link to the terms).

2) Is it possible to have a double opt-in feature for mail verification? I like to presevt mail spam. It’s also necessacy to be conform with our law system.

1+2 are functions that work in other plugins, e. g. G-Lock-Double Opt-in manager. It should be easy for a developer to implement these things (?).

3) When a membership expires after a certain time: In the member’s panel I cannot find the dates for starting/expiring. Can you add them? What can a member do if he wants to prolong his membership? There should be an option (button) for him. This is my personal suggestion only :wink:

I tested registering a new member. I’m the administrator but I did not get a notification mail about the new member. But I have to activate his account. Activation is a good/useful function because I want to have money first :wink:

4) How can I make the login page a bit nicer (branding)?

5) Can you suggest a plugin (sidebar widget) for logging in?

6) After sending the registration for there is no “Thank you” message (reg. page displayed only) How can I modify this?