Registration - Signing into site, buying subscription, and filling in Buddypress profile

I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but...

I need for someone to

1. Register for the site (fill in username/pw)
2. Fill out their Buddypress profile
3. Then click to join now (go to the payment process)


1. Click Join (the membership plugin form appears, forces them to create a site username/password)
2. Go through the payment process.
3. Gets redirected to the buddypress profile page to fill that in.

What am I missing for this loop?

If I let the membership plugin control the site signup and payment option, I'm not getting a profile page upon return.

If I let buddypress control the site setup, I get no payment options.

My ideal set up would be - one of our members comes to the page and be able to fill in the site registration and buddypress profile, and when they click the Complete Sign Up button (controlled by buddypress) they're then given the option to buy which membership option.

Can this be done, and I'm just not seeing which options to choose in WP/BP/Membership?