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Hello -

I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for a plugin/widget for buddypress that asks a series of questions - the conclusion of those questions is their visual identity on the site as a contributor. I'll explain.

In the context of a car afficionado site. The site features a series of different cars. (posts created by one of the contributors)
- when a visitor registers to the site to contribute to a post - they're asked a series of questions:
-- do you like red cars or blue cars (1pt blue /2pt red)
-- do you like maseratis or ferraris (1pt maserati/3pt red)
-- do you like american cars or foreign cars (1pt america/4pt foreign)

Ideally, when the visitor registers it adds up the total points and assigns their 'contributor' profile with only this identity. For instance - if the score was "3" - everyone that registered and had a three score would be an orange circle. Everyone that registered and had a "6" score had a orange triangle - and so forth.

Is that even possible with the widgets or plugins at hand? I know this is a complicated question and really am grateful for anyone's time and input.

Thanks -


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  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey phifraphofum.

    The short answer to your question is... No.

    It is possible but I think you would need to potentially consider some custom development here.

    That said, you might like to consider some of the amazing form type plugins out there like:


    I know for sure that Gravity forms allows you to create custom registration forms... So I suppose it would be possible for you to have different forms for different things.

    I think one of those two options would be the closest without something custom.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea...

    Take care.

  • phifraphofum
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    OK thought about this for a second.

    what if they logged in.
    Then took a test to complete their profile?
    The results of the test would be displayed on their profile

    Would that be any more possible? OR would there be a different plugin solution you could suggest?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings phifraphofum :slight_smile:

    I do not know of anything not custom to do this job because it will require the questions of course but the answers to be added to a table in the database.

    However, I might suggest that you may find a questions program that meets the requirements for placing those in their profiles and if does not have the right wording hard code the wording that you desire :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hy phifraphofum.

    Just to echo Joe here, there really isn't anything available which could just do this.

    I still think the best option would be something like Gravity Form.

    If you notice down on the right of our site now there is a "Request a plugin, new feature service" You could request this feature and see if its something other people are also looking.

    Sorry I couldn't help further on this.

  • iaindb
    • Flash Drive

    I have to agree with Tim - I think Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro would be your best option.

    A quick question for you on what you're trying to achieve: do you actually need to use the calculated answer elsewhere, or is it just effectively "binary" type logic to allow you to categorise a user?

    If that's the case, you could use either Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro's conditional logic to get to where you're trying to get to.

    Equally, the result from the conditional logic would actual be able to be "reversed" to give you what the calculated numerical answer would be... So actually, even if you do need to know that you'd be good to go on that front too.


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