Registration Widget/Plugin

Hello -

I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for a plugin/widget for buddypress that asks a series of questions - the conclusion of those questions is their visual identity on the site as a contributor. I'll explain.

In the context of a car afficionado site. The site features a series of different cars. (posts created by one of the contributors)
- when a visitor registers to the site to contribute to a post - they're asked a series of questions:
-- do you like red cars or blue cars (1pt blue /2pt red)
-- do you like maseratis or ferraris (1pt maserati/3pt red)
-- do you like american cars or foreign cars (1pt america/4pt foreign)

Ideally, when the visitor registers it adds up the total points and assigns their 'contributor' profile with only this identity. For instance - if the score was "3" - everyone that registered and had a three score would be an orange circle. Everyone that registered and had a "6" score had a orange triangle - and so forth.

Is that even possible with the widgets or plugins at hand? I know this is a complicated question and really am grateful for anyone's time and input.

Thanks -


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