Regular category taxonomies not finding custom post type

Hi. I have created a custom post type in CustomPress, and have set the option in that custom post type to Support Regular Taxonomies for categories. When I edit on of those custom posts, the regular categories appear, and I can select them.

But when I go to the category page for that category, none of the custom post types show up.

Settings for the custom post type are as follows:

Post Type: opinions
Supports: Title, Editor, Author, Thumbnail, Excerpt, Comments, Revisions
Support Regular Taxonomies: Categories
Capability Type: post
Map Meta Capabilities: True
Custom Fields: This post type does not use any Custom Fields
Public: True
Show UI: True
Show in Nav Menus: True
Publicly Queryable: True
Exclude from Search: False
Hierarchal: False
Has Archive: True (Custom Slug blank)
Rewrite: True (All options blank)
Query Var: True
Can Export: True