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Hey there, Under Custom Fields, field type, there is Regular Expression Validation I've tried entering http(s)?://([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(/[\w- ./?%&=]*)? which Dr. Google suggested would work to require a valid url. But it doesn't require anything special at all when I'm adding a new post under this custom field. am I missing the point...good possibility. If so, please help me to understand what this is intended for.



  • Arnold
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    You have to keep in mind the syntax for a reqular expression depending on the language used to interpret it. For client side validation (javascript) a regex pattern is delimited with "/" characters. So you have to escape any literal "/" characters.

    So your expression above would have to be changed from

    http(s)?://([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(/[\w- ./?%&=]*)?


    http(s)?:\/\/([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+(\/[\w- .\/?%&=]*)?

    Also be aware that breaking a regular expression tends to kill all the validation javascript so an error would also prevent Required fields etc from working on other fields. So test field by field adding one at a time so you don't waste time trying to debug a field that's failing because another field is broken

  • aecnu
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