Regular Tags and Categories on a Custom Post Type in CustomPress

I'm new to the WPMU, and have found the site and plugins amazing, thank you.

I'm currently working on a MU site and have created a Custom Post Type called Courses.

I'm also using the Membership plugin so that I can restrict access to the individual Course pages based on if the user has purchased access to them or not. Since the Membership page can't create Level rules based on Custom Post Types only Posts and Pages I could either create shortcodes or use Tags and Categories.

Using Tags seems like the way to go since instructors could also post regular Posts and tag them with the same tag as the Course Page, thereby linking Course Pages and regular Posts.

In CustomPress I don't see a way of assigning the two built in taxonomies Categories and Tags to a Custom Post Type. Is it possible to assign the built in taxonomies to Custom Post Types or only custom Taxonomies?

This was something that I was able to do with the Custom Post Type UI plugin, but I was hoping to be able to replace it with CustomPress since CustomPress also does Custom Fields I wouldn't need the Verve Meta Boxes plugin.

Thanks so much for your help.