Reinstalling Membership fresh doesn't work, uninstalling/deleting Membership leaves all entries


I've purchased this subscription mainly to use the Membership plugin and explore all other available plugins/templates at the same time.

Our Wordpress installation registration is closed to public. We only grant access manually.

Our need with Membership at this point is to set one simple Level Access called "Visitors" which has few negative rules to hide our content from unregistered visitors on the website. So hypothetically, adding a user in Wordpress native tools would be enough to consider those individuals "not visitors" and grant them access to the whole public content.

We initially created 2 access level called "Abonnés" (french for subscribed) and "Visiteurs". Problem is adding new users required accessing 2 distinct tools to complete user registration.

For any reasons this installation of Membership start acting weirdly, maybe caused by other installed plugin but some registered users with the "Abonnés" access level had not access to the full public content even if I had many other users with the same exact configuration where everything was fine.

I've tempered with the setting of my PROD installation thinking that if I ever "F*CK UP" uninstalling it would simply clear everything so I can start fresh... but it doesn't.

I don't want to manually temper with the DB to ensure not to break anything else.

Can you provide instructions to wipe Membership plugin in whole so I can reinstall on my actual PROD installation?