Reinstalling wordpress in another language

I am having the worst time translating my site into spanish because I don't know if all the error/alerts have been translated. I thought everything had been, but later found out it hasn't.

I am just trying to convert the site to Spanish. Would it be easier if I installed WP in Spanish and then translate the site to English, since everything I am using is originally in English? I have tried to switch the language in network settings to Spanish and it didn't work.

If that turns out to be a good idea, can I migrate my 4.4.1 WP English to WP Spanish?

Thanks all for your help!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @scottb50,

    There's no other way to "install WP in Spanish" (or any other supported language) than simply switch language setting on dashboard's

    "Settings -> General" pagse.

    That said, after you do this, what happens? Does the dashboard switch to Spanish? I suppose it does but some plugins doesn't and also there's a chance that front-end isn't translated, am I correct?

    If so, you'd need to find translation files for theme that you're using and most of the plugins (although some plugins may not be translation-ready, unfortunately) and upload them to your server.

    Wouldn't that work for you?

    Best regards,

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