Released MarketPress Responsive Product Multi Image gallery Zoomer

Hi All,

I have Released MarketPress Responsive Product Multi Image gallery Zoomer. Specially for WPMU community. This is my first major contribution to wpmu, Hope you will like this. This is tested with single and multisite compatible, dependency Marketpress 2.9.5

I tried to made this best for you , but still if there any issue please send feedback , please read readme , faq and link video.

Its simple , activate marketpress, activate this plugin, create product and create add gallery to that and just go to product page feel WOW !

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== Description ==
After membership, When i found there not any feature in wpmu marketpress for product gallery,
then i was very disappointed and decided to create much powerful and almost not setting required,
fully functional feature rich working on any theme.

Created Product Gallery with Zoom effect for WPMU MarketPress e-commerce plugin
As as DRY approach, Its using the wordpress default Add Media -> Create Gallery feature
to add product gallery. Not additional setting burden, ready to serve. Not any additional
learning curve. Using the Gallery sort, ordering, add delete etc. all features.

Only single click to add any/many photos, save time from multiple click to add each.

Responsive layout, according to screen width and auto detect size and zoom behavior
as per mobile of tablet using wordpress mobile detecting.

I tried to keep it simple and powerful. Tried to use all great potential of native WordPress.
Implemented default pre setting on the basis of most common practice in all popular e-commerce worldwide.

Its using the wp default set media sizes thumbnail, medium, full etc for gallery and zoom effect.
So its auto set as per your site feel.

== Features ==

* Zero Set-up , just activate and create gallery in product content at any position.
* Create Product Gallery with Zoom effect
* Its using the wordpress default Add Media -> Create Gallery to add product gallery
* Zero Learning Curve ,as this is using wordpress default Add Gallery native feature.
* with align:left and right option in gaRequires at least: 3.8.0llery shortcode attribute. [gallery align="right" ids="124,123,121,122,120"] "align=left" by default
* This will not effect your any another post , page or plugin gallery.
* Also verifying the min wordpress and marketpress versions.
* Multisite working. Do Network Activate for that.
* Resonsive , auto check the mobile, tabs etc. and change behaviour.
* you can align left, right or clear both side as per your layout and choice - default: left and zoom: right
* In right align zoomer, auto setting of zoom pane to left. options: align: [left | right | none | in ]


* Requires at least: 3.6.0 Wordpress
* Requires at least: 2.9.5 wpmu Marketpress

== Installation ==

1. Upload 'AK MarketPress Product Image Gallery Zoomer' to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress or Network activate for multisite
3. Create product in marketpress and add wordpress Gallery with wordpress Add Media button,
this will be converted auto into product gallery zoomer.

== Video ==

you can watch video with how easy to
add and configure, not audio language, but if you are into wp, will understand very easy...

Responsive Tab video:

= Themes Tested on =

* MarketPress GRID Markettheme
* Customizr
* FlexMarket
* Wordpress Twenty Thirteen / Fourteen / Twelve
* Multisites / Network sites

== Donate Support ==

Please motivate and support by Donation at paypal id:


I submitted to and they are taking long time to review pending listing.
you can download at below mention permanent link.

Download link:

Hope you will like and may useful for you.

Your points here and support will motivate me to give back to you more, Please encourage me with full heart.

Ajay Kwatra