Relocating Pretty Plugins menu

At times we need to relocate certain menus to the Settings menu to tidy things up. This is typically a pretty simple task, but I've run into a strange issue with the Pretty Plugins plugin. To relocate this menu I used the following code snippet:

add_options_page( 'Plugins', 'Plugins', 'manage_options', 'pretty-plugins.php');

This usually works just fine, but with Pretty Plugins it seems to create a window within a window, which is strange. My guess is that it has to do with the way the plugin is written, but I assume there's a simple way to relocate this menu as can be done with any other plugin.

Any ideas?

  • Gabe
    • The Bug Hunter


    Thanks, but please ask a dev to take a look at it. This was a pretty simple change and I'm not sure why it's behaving this way, maybe I made the wrong $function call? I attached a screenshot of the effect in creates.

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @Gabe

    I don't think you will be able to relocate it like this because of categories. Pretty plugins is created in a way to be top level menu. That's why if you would like to move it, you would need to keep it top level for it to work correctly. Besides, it is doing bit advanced stuff - activating plugins so its bit hard to treat it as standard plugin:slight_smile:


  • SooBahkDo
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    Admin Menu Editor pro does work GREAT for reorganizing menus.
    Highly recommended.

    One helpful use for Admin Menu Editror Pro on a Multisite Network is to activate every plugin that the Network Super Admin makes available to users on the Network (even Pro plugins) and then organize the menu items for all plugin menus items as preferred. For example, I prefer to put all plugin menu items that have anything to do with users under the main USER menu item, so users can find anything to do with users easily.

    Normalizing menu item locations across sites also makes help desk work much less confusing.

    After organizing all the menu items, then deactivate all the "optional" plugins.

    Later on when users activate individual optional or pro plugins, the plugin's menu items will appear in the location you saved them in rather than in the often confusing locations some plugins put their menu items in.

    You can export the Admin Editor Pro menu settings from the main site where you organize them and then import it on all subsites.

    Someone can probably suggest a more efficient way to duplicate the"master menu" across the network, but this will work.

    Its an ok solution when your plugin offerings stay the same.

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