remembering a choice in popup pro

I'm stuck on this.

Right now, come to the home page and there is an intermediary page that says, which state site is best for you. all three states are 80% similar - the home page, and the menus are different.

Originally, I used wpmudeve popoup pro and GeoTargeting Pro And defaulted to the primary home page (Florida) then displayed a popup that said.. I think you are in Florida, if good, proceed if not good, then got to California or Nevada... BUT... I only want to display that once, and have Wordpress remember the choice.

The question is, can I have some form of cookie support such that if someone answers A B or C to popuppro, the end user always starts at Homepage A B or C

Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this either with, nor not with, wpmudev tools.

I discovered that the state database, free version is HORRIBLE, and the paid version is only 80% accurate, therefore cannot rely on geolocation by IP.