Remembering Plugin Configurations Per Site On A Multisite Network

Hello All,

I have described this desired tool a few different times and here I go again.

It seems to me that at minimum the following users could save time and benefit from this tool. Take a moment and think of all the steps and time it would save and the assistance it could bring to
1) support staff helping a user solve a problem
2) the user with the problem who is told that deactivating all plugins on the network is the only option to move forward with troubleshooting
3) ANYONE who has ever had to troubleshoot a mis-behaving plugin problem on a multisite network
4) Any developer who configures lots of multisite networks
5) Any power user who uses a special set of plugins when administering a site network and then deactivates them when done.

Then again, perhaps I am the only one....

My 1st wish list is for a plugin that provides this functionality from within the network super admin area.

I envisioned the plugin functionality as including

1) a "plugin set" drop down select list would appear at the top of the plugin page in the network super admin area

A) saved "plugin sets" could be selected from the drop down list.

B) when new "plugin sets" are saved they appear in the list.

C) when plugin sets" are deleted they disappear from the list.

D) include an ALL plugins option in the drop down of "plugin set" names

2) a plugin status drop down select list appears beside each plugin in the network super admin area

A) Option 1: add to currently selected "plugin set"

B) Option 2: remove from currently selected "plugin set"

C) Option 3: Create NEW "plugin set" (which would trigger a "plugin set" name entry form to appear.

Behind the scenes:

A) plugins included in the selected "plugin set" would be plugins that are installed in the plugins directory

B) plugins NOT included in the currently active "plugin set" would be physically copied / moved out of the plugins directory on the server into a different location so they have NO POSSIBILITY of affecting performance

C) when a different "plugin set" is activated, then all included plugins would be copied/moved into the plugins directory and all excluded plugins would be copied/ moved OUT of the plugin directory to another location.

My 2nd wish list is that defining "plugin sets" functionality be available to individual site admins.

HOWEVER their functionality would NOT copy/move plugins in or out of the plugin folder on the server, rather their feature would only allow them to define "plugins sets" from among the active plugins made available by the network super admin.

When an admin selects and activates a "plugin set" it would simply ACTIVATE all plugins in the "plugin set" and DEACTIVATE all plugins NOT in the "plugin set".

If the super admin removed a plugin that a site admin has included in one of their plugin sets, then in their plugin set the super admin removed plugin would display as status of "removed from network" or "unavailable," etc.

Sooooooooo thats what I am still dreaming about ....