Remote Generation of Prosites Coupons

Be nice if coupons generated by my membership software could be programmatically added to ProSites Coupons. Have no idea how to create an interface between two apps, but maybe ProSites could have an option to select software to integrate coupons. Would require a coding module for each external piece that generated coupons, where ProSites would have to have access to the other apps coupons table in order to read it, or the other app would have to integrate by sending their coupons to ProSites. Might talk to Ravi and Veena about whether that will work with DAP as a start.

So much for a questionable idea.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Kirk!

    It's great to have such a Cool Idea Creator among us :slight_smile:

    But back to serious issues: this could be doable but it would require a custom coding which seems to be a bit beyond the scope of support forum. The Pro Sites plugin doesn't include any API and implementing a feature like this (safely) would require a following (or similar) scenario:

    - external software generates a coupon code
    - external software calls an URL on your site
    - external software sends a unique API key or uses some additional authentication engine to authenticate itself
    - if Pro Sites confirms authentication, external software calls it again and sends a coupon

    This wouldn't be a "plugin modification" or a simple additional module but quite a bit of complex custom code. Which, I must admit, I consider a great feature and a very nice idea!

    That said, I'm moving this post to our "Features and Feedback" forum and hopefully more members of our community will support the idea. As you may already know such a "big" features are added to our plugins upon community request so the more support it gets, the better.

    Kind regards,

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