Remove "Add New" in Admin "Posts" Page

OK, so I am going crazy because I know there has to be a simple way or simple line of code to do this. I just want to remove that button that says "Add new" under the "Posts" page in admin.

I am using EasyBlogging so I need to ensure the code works with Easy mode as well. This sounds like a crazy request but here is why.

I have a plugin that is creating a new featured image post everytime a user uploads a photo. This is perfect EXCEPT when a user decides to delete that photo in the media library. What this then does is leaves a huge blank image where the featured image would be showing on their blog

The only way for them to delete this is by deleting the post in which the featured image was attached to. However, I don't want my users having the ability to create a generic post. Therefore, the "Add New' Button has to go. A plugin restricting users from creating posts is NOT what I want since they need this ability for the other plugin to work. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!