Remove +Add Product Category link (the final step to Global Product Categories)

See the screenshot below, it is from the Add Product page. In order to get control of global product categories, I've been doing some reading throughout the forums and have learned a few things (one is the Fondeli figured it all out, but there are few things left for total control of global categories).

Fondeli figured a method to create them and distribute them, but I want to have a way to prevent sellers from creating new ones.

I'm not a coder so I'm calling for help on this and should be pretty easy for some of you. I need a code snippet to hide the +Add New Category link on the Add New Products page.
The code is going to need some logic to prevent hiding the Add Category links on other New Post Type Pages. I imagine that the code to do this shouldn't be too long and could be easily deployed as a mu-plugin to integrate without having to modify code in MarketPress (unless MarketPress has a plugin folder that is upgrade resistant)

Once this is done, I'm going to write up a complete tutorial on how to get control over those global product categories!

Credit goes to Fondeli for her work in getting them setup!