Remove autoformating on Marketpress Messages textarea

I can't install the HTML email plugin because it conflicts.
I have code in function.php to allow text/html for WPmail.

For the Marketpress messages, the textbox auto format anything I place in it. How can I remove this?

I tried altered the code below to remove the stripslashes but that didn't work? Any ideas? Thanks.

//sends email for new orders
	function order_notification($order_id) {

	 //get the order
	 $order = $this->get_order($order_id);
	 if (!$order)
		return false;

		$subject = apply_filters('mp_order_notification_subject', $this->filter_email($order, stripslashes($this->get_setting('email->new_order_subject'))), $order);
		$msg = apply_filters('mp_order_notification_body', $this->filter_email($order, stripslashes($this->get_setting('email->new_order_txt'))), $order);
		$msg = apply_filters('mp_order_notification_' . $_SESSION['mp_payment_method'], $msg, $order );

	 $this->mail($order->mp_shipping_info['email'], $subject, $msg);