buddypress register page Issues

hi there

Just a couple of questions:

1. I've removed the blog signup area from the Buddypress register.php page. Once new members have created their account I want to send them automatically to the create a site page. What code should I attach to the complete signup button?

2. I'm using the Set Password plugin. It's showing on the buddypress register page - but isn't actually working. Once registered they are getting sent to a page that shows a random password that's been set. I've trolled around here for a fix but can only find old posts that all seem to have the answser 'this is fixed for wpmu 2.7' Any ideas how I can get this working please?

Site: allthingsquilting.com.au
Multisite / Buddypress
WP 3.2.1

Theme: genesis delicious

Using Pro Sites and most other wpmu premium plugins