remove category from url breaks sub categories?


After trying different plugins (which didn't work) I finally got rid of the category in the url, and it all seemd to work fine. But then I tested the links for subcategories and it showed a 404 error.

My permalinks settings are this /%category%/%postname%/ and for category base I set this /. which remove the category from the url, but then it break the subcategories :slight_frown:

If i remove the category base this is what happens. The main page is called trails and contains post from the trails category, this pages hows the content from different sub category's. So the url for the posts itself looks like /trails/sub-cat/content/ which works, but /trails/sub-cat/ doesn't work, it just shows a 404? It does suddenly work when i manually add category infront of the /trails/sub-cat/ url?

I'm a bit confused what's causing this problem, it looks like fixing one problem breaks something else. Does anyone know how to fix this, or a better way to remove the category from the url other then setting the category base to /.?

Thanks :slight_smile: