Remove/ change hover on top navigation, SimpleMarket theme

I'm trying to change the hover effect of the links on the top navigation and having little luck. I'm sure it is an easy fix, but I'm not finding it easily. I want to remove the block highlight effect, and just have the text change color on hover.

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  • Nicole

    I'm assuming the answer lies in this bit of the styesheet. I've done some work in code, and am frustrated that I'm not figuring this out.

    .topmenu li{margin:0em;padding:0em;float:left;position:relative;list-style:none;border-right:1px solid #ffffff;}
    .topmenu a,.topmenu a:visited,.topmenu a:link{font-style:normal;text-decoration:none;display:block;color:#889911;padding:0.9em 1em;font-size:14px;margin:0;text-shadow:-1px -1px 0px #ffffff;}
    .topmenu .current a,.topmenu li:hover > a,.topmenu li.current_page_item a{padding:0.9em 1em;color:#ffffff;background:#889911;text-shadow:-1px -1px 0px #6c790d;}
    .topmenu ul{display:none;margin:0;padding:0;width:200px;position:absolute;top:37px;left:0;text-align:left;z-index:9999;border:1px solid #ffffff;}
    .topmenu ul a{padding:0.9em 1em;color:#ffffff!important;text-shadow:-1px -1px 0px #6c790d!important;background:#889911;font-weight:normal;}
    .topmenu ul a:hover{padding:0.9em 1em;color:#eeeeee!important;text-shadow:-1px -1px 0px #6c790d!important;}
    .topmenu li:hover > ul{display:block;}
    .topmenu ul li{float:none;margin:0;padding:0;}
    .topmenu ul ul{left:201px;top:0;}
    .topmenu ul li:first-child > a{}
    .topmenu ul li:last-child > a{}

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