Remove directions function in google maps

I have the Google Maps plug in installed on my buddy press site. On the site's members page, the info pop up includes a link to get directions. I need to remove this option.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings tfullen,

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    This is not near as easy as it sounds, each time I removed a piece of code to remove this it breaks something else within the plugin.

    Therefore I will see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advice/advise for us.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • tfullen
    • Flash Drive

    That worked beautifully! Thank you so much.

    I notice that the country is displaying twice in the pop ups. Once as the title and once in the info. Any thoughts on this?

    Also, I originally had the country field set for the location, but I changed it to city. However it's still listing users under country...

    Thanks again for your help and quick response!

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    Hiya @tfullen,

    Greetings of the day.

    I was doing a regular followup today and found that we missed your last post on this one.

    Are you still seeking support on this one ? Please let us know so that we can take it further and assist you on the same :slight_smile:

    Thanks for being a great community member !

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