Remove Email Verification and Membership?

Hi there,

I am having issues with the remove verification plugin and membership.

I have a buddypress install and use another plugin called buddypress registrations options to moderate the user registration.

Here is the process, People submit their form here.

I used the remove email verification to log in automaticaly the user while I review the request.

I set up 3 subscriptions plans and the visitor get automaticaly move to the moderation subscription while I get ping for New Member request. We review the application and approved the new member by sending an email to complete sign up process here:

( you would need to be logged in to complete the sign up or it will ask you to fill up the register form again...)

The problem is that once I finish the second step of the subscription form and actually sign up (using a coupon code for testing). It doesn't take me to the welcome page set in the membership options page but to a success subscription page that says " thank you for signing up, you're subscription is now set up...etc"

Hope that make any sense,
Thanks in advance for your help,