"Remove Email Verification" and "Set Password on WordPress Multisite Blog Creation&am

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“Remove Email Verification” and “Set Password on WordPress Multisite Blog Creation”

  • rpeterson
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    This can be done but it requires a significant amount of work as far as I know. I’ve done this on several sites by rewriting / overriding functions from signup.php to my own custom versions which modified validation, signup and the other pieces involved.

    That being said, THIS CAN BE QUITE DIFFICULT relatively speaking and should be done with great care. Expect to spend hours if not days getting the flow working.

    I don’t consider this to be a core edit because the WPMU functionality is very poorly designed and coded, it was a merged hack, so some of us devs have to un hack it.

  • rpeterson
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    From the screenshot, I can’t help so much, I have no skills for communicating in Thai, I just know that when working with these plugins, you’re starting to touch some poorly coded sections in WordPress, which I have seen produce interesting problems.

    I will try and use Google Translate on the site shown and see if I can see whats happening and provide some more assistance.

  • rpeterson
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    Okay, in reviewing the issue, it looks like the theme it self requires some modifications / updates to get the signup notification styled or properly placed. I will have to install this and look into it further tomorrow if I can, but I will defer this to any WPMU members who may have an answer, sorry I could’nt be more helpful

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @md

    I tried to create an account earlier today and got results similar to your screenshots.

    My chosen password did not appear on the registration confirmation page. Instead, a randomly generated WordPress password was displayed.

    I also received 2 emails: an account activation email, and an email stating that my password is user selected.

    So after some thinking, I do have a solution for one of the problems. I believe the activation email is being sent by BuddyPress, not WordPress. The solution is to add the following code to your bp-custom.php file and re-upload that file to your plugins folder.

    add_filter( 'bp_registration_needs_activation', '__return_false' );

    If you do not have a bp-custom.php file, simply create one in a text editor and wrap the above code in php tags like this:

    add_filter( 'bp_registration_needs_activation', '__return_false' );

    I do not have a solution for the problem with the user-selected password not appearing on the registration confirmation page. So I will ask the plugin developer to join this conversation.

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