remove-email-verification-from-signup-v2 causes 500 Server Error

Hello All,

When activating the remove-email-verification-from-signup-v2 plugin, after clicking the final button, a delay ensues and then I encounter a server error, However, when I log in, the site was created and the user was created and I can log into the new site.

It seems the only issue is that instead of returning the signup complete page, the plugin must be doing something strange instead at that point or it may be trying to access a non-existent completion page ???.

Refreshing the page results in the singup page being displayed populated with the user name just registerd and an error message indiating the name is already in use. And it is, because it was just registered,

Any idea what may be going wrong in that very last step where it seems like a completion page should appear?

Thanks in advance
Phil D
Phil D