"Remove Email Verification" plugin for BuddyPress !!!

Hi !!!

I would like (LOVE actually) to request that your “Remove Email Verification” plugin be integrated with BuddyPress.

I actually brought this up in another post and was told that “Marko” would reply but I did not get a response ;


Maybe someone pulled a “marco polo” on me :slight_smile:

just talking shit, its no scene.

I know you guys have your hands full with that new themes framework which I honestly cannot wait for.

I have seen this request on other various forums and the best solution I have seen is here :


But I actually prefer to consolidate my plugins with wpmuDEV because of your TOP CLASS support and technically sound stability/coding.

In other words I try not to use any and every plugin for obvious security/stability reasons.

But this then buts me in a monkey pants if I cannot get all the features I require.

I tried the plugin already on a couple different themes (specifically for BP) and it actually did work, except that when I hit the “sign up” button a bunch of garbage code appeared all over the screen.

Keep up the GREAT work wpmuDEV !!!

I look forward to a favourable response.

Kind regards,