[Remove Email Verification] WPMU Plugin Not Working (at all)

Hi - Needing a solution to simplify user registration (with Buddypress) away from requiring both email activation clicking and then requiring logging in afterward, I installed WPMU REMOVE EMAIL VERIFICATION plugin. However, it's not working at all. It's setup in my STAGING site. After filling out the registration form it's destroying the template (everything gets thrown out-of-whack), the message still appearing at the bottom telling user to check email for activation (which isn't supposed to happen anymore), then also tells the user to click on link to login (which is supposed to happen automatically via the plugin), and lastly when the link is clicked, it's not even working. Total mess, and I'm a bit confused if it's something I could have done. I didn't configure anything as I didn't see the option. Did I miss it?

Thoughts? Suggestions?