Remove "login" link from wp-signup.php when user creates new site

I have my subdomain multisite setup so only logged-in users can create new sites. when they create the new site, they get the message with a link to the front end of their new site and a link to login to their new site. the login link takes them to They login and it redirects them back to where it tells them they can create another site.

I'd like for it to redirect them to either the front page of their newly created site or the wp-admin of their newly created site or even to just remove that "login" link from the page where it says the site is yours" and just have the one link there to the front page of their new site. Sinse they have to be already logged-in to create the site in the first palce there is no need for the login link and it also just seems to lead the user in circles. They just created their site so they don't want to go to the page to create another site (unless they are a splogger) .... they want to just go to the site they just created.