Remove "login" link from wp-signup.php when user creates new site

I have my subdomain multisite setup so only logged-in users can create new sites. when they create the new site, they get the message with a link to the front end of their new site and a link to login to their new site. the login link takes them to They login and it redirects them back to where it tells them they can create another site.

I'd like for it to redirect them to either the front page of their newly created site or the wp-admin of their newly created site or even to just remove that "login" link from the page where it says the site is yours" and just have the one link there to the front page of their new site. Sinse they have to be already logged-in to create the site in the first palce there is no need for the login link and it also just seems to lead the user in circles. They just created their site so they don't want to go to the page to create another site (unless they are a splogger) .... they want to just go to the site they just created.


  • Andrew
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    I've installed that and I'm not sure how I'd use that to fix this.

    Some specifics:

    I have anti-splog set to Move wp-signup.php and in Pro-sites I have the Display an option on the signup page page unchecked and the link to the new blog signup page is this: "[ust_wpsignup_url]?pro-site=1" (because if I display the option for free or pro it automatically makes everything a free site no matter which button is selected and does not display the paypal pro-site page unless I click on the "Pro Upgrade" button in the dashboard.)- If I click that- it goes to the paypal enabled pro upgrade page with the "no, thank you, I will continue with a basic site for now" option along with the pro-upgrade payment options.

    Again- users do not see the link to create a new blog unless they are already registered and logged-in.

    It would be great if there was a way to make that "" page come up as soon as they click on the "create site" button or when they click on the "login" link on the page they get now after they click the "create site" button.

    The way it is now it does at least bring them to the pro-site upgrade option page when they try to access their dashboard on their new site- which is good- but that whole "login" link just leads the whole flow-chart off into an illogical course.

    Maybe the easiest way to deal with this is to simply remove that "login" link on the signup page after they create a new site?

    How would I do this?

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    This is one of those wordpress things that's a LOT harder than it would seem, isn't it? Just removing one text link from one page that seems to, by design, lead the user into an illogical loop. I guess I might have to just live with it.

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    Ay-ay-ay! *slapping myself on the side of my head*.....

    I just realized what was causing this redirect: I had this Sky redirect plugin enabled:

    to redirect users to the page they were reading just before logging in. I thought at one point early on in development that I would need this and I forgot that I had it.

    I disabled it and now when the user clicks in that login link when they create a new site and logs in, it redirects them to their dashboard, which in turn redirects them to the paypal upgrade page with the options for pro-site or free- which is exactly what I want.


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