Remove option to login with Facebook from site dashboard?

Just worrying that having the facebook login option on my site's admin dashboard may be a security threat? How do I remove it from the dashboard page please?

Also, how do I ensure that all new users will be unable to achieve admin status? The Facebook login thing makes me a bit nervous, as I'm not sure where the identity of these members are stored once registered on my site, and I don't know which user role they are assigned to?


  • Alexander
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    Hi @Sally,

    Accounts created by Ultimate Facebook will be a subscriber role and have no admin access.

    Every WordPress user has access to the dashboard, but not all have admin access. So this isn't a security threat, but rather just an extension of the normal WordPress functionality.

    For example, if you create a user with a subscriber role, and go to you will see the dashboard. However, the only option available will be to change your profile information.

    So anyone who used that button would have the same affect as if they signed up from the front of your site and tried navigating to the dashboard link.

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