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I would like to replace the regular sidebar on the left, with a different sidebar for my 404 pages. For example, this page:

The new sidebar needs to be exactly the same, but have no ads in it.
However, I want the regular sidebar that is already there to still be used on all of the other post pages, like it currently is.

I have granted support admin access to the website, in case that is helpful. Thanks for your help!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello d-invent ,

    I hope you have a good day!

    There are three ways to achieve that and it mostly depends on your needs/choice which one you'd go :slight_smile:

    First one is to simply use CSS to hide some specific elements on selected pages. That would mean that the sidebar is actually the same everywhere but on some pages some parts of it are simply not being displayed.

    If you'd like to go this way, I can help you with it but it would be helpful to see some screenshots with areas to be hidden marked clearly :slight_smile:

    Second way would be more complex but would give much more flexibility. It would mean

    - registering a new sidebar on site (see code in "Example" section here:

    - customize that new sidebar on "Appearance -> Widgets" page

    - create custom page template(s), calling out that new sidebar, for the pages where you wish to use that new one. See here for more information on creating custom page templates:

    The third way - which is actually much more convenient than the second one - is to use our Custom Sidebars plugin:

    If you only want to hide certain elements from sidebar, CSS option (first way) could be easiest but if you want to have more customization options (create more sidebar, manage visibility etc), the Custom Sidebars plugin would be a great shot, in my opinion, as it would let you achieve the same as creating custom templates but without a single line of coding and all with just some clicks in site's back-end :slight_smile:

    Give it a try, please, and if you come across any additional questions, let me know please.

    Kind regards,

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