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I am testing protect content. Really easy to use. I did setup 2 memberships as page and restricted one page. It's working perfect.

However there are 2 points that I need to fix:
1) My page has a sidebar, and the plugin is not blocking The sidebar of the page. Is there a way to fix this ?

2) The protection is working. but If I want to non member users to subscribe a content that they do not have access, I do not know how. because the message the user get's is "Protected Content", I would like instead of showing up "protect content", I should show, "this content is protected, here are the memberships that you can enrol to have access to this page" then show the memberships page.

Can you tell me how to achieve this ?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Bruno!

    I've attached two screenshots below to help illustrate what you can do here.

    1. To get a protected content page without a sidebar, you'll need to go to Pages > Protected Content, and edit it. In the right sidebar, if your theme supports it, you'll see an area where you can choose the template you want that page to use. If your theme has a full-width template, choose it here.

    2. You can change the wording on the Protected Content page in two places, either in the Content Protection Messages section of the Protected Content Settings, or on the Protected Content page itself. While you can't embed the registration form here, you can change the text and provide a link to the registration page here.

    Hope this helps!

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