Remove the backup from the remote destination

I would like to be able to set how many backups my remote destination will storage, I've set it to 3, but it is keeping all backups on Google Drive, but just list 3 on Snapshot plugin.

Is possible to remove the backup automatically from the remote destination?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi David

    I hope you're well today!

    When you're creating or editing a snapshot (Snapshot -> Snapshots) there's a section where you set backup to be "once off" or select schedule. If you enable scheduled backup, right below it is the "Storage Limit" option.

    This option lets you set how many backups should be stored but it applies to backup archives stored locally, in addition to those being sent to remote destination - by default. However, a bit lower there's "Optional" section with two options: "Also run a backup now" and "Also clean remote repositories". If you want to limit the number of remotely stored backups, you'd want that second option - "Also clean remote repositories" - enabled.

    If it's disabled, the "storage limit" will be applied to locally stored files only and those pushed to remote destination will not be cleaned up/rotated. If you enable it, the oldest one should be removed once the number of backups reaches the "storage limit", just like those locally stored.

    There's also been a feature request for an option to set these limits separately for locally stored and remotely stored archives and from what I can see the code is ready and is being tested so while I can't give an ETA, I believe it should be included in one of the upcoming updates. You'd then be able to set number of archives to be stored locally and in remote destination separately.

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