Remove the "Please install the WPMU" message

Ok so the WPMU Dev conflicts with my theme in the backend.


But one thing is that I am unable to get notified about updates, because I need the WPMU Dev plugin for that, another thing is that I have to be bothered with this message and I can't remove it. There should have been a close icon to remove it, so I do not have to look at something that looks like its an error.


  • aecnu

    Greetings henrik_gregersen,

    Thank you for mentioning this but I must admit basically submitting duplicate tickets for the same issue not only clogs up the support ticket system it delays responses for all members.

    another thing is that I have to be bothered with this message and I can't remove it.

    The message is easy as pie to remove, but more importantly you submit a duplicate ticket and did not respond to the other ticket and the question within.

    We obviously have a problem here and we need a protocol adjustment on your end.

    Look forward to helping you in the other ticket.

    This ticket is closed for breaking forum etiquette, basically being a duplicate, and outside of support protocol.

    Cheers, Joe

  • henrik_gregersen

    Hi Joe.

    This is not a duplicate post.
    Yes I have put in a reference to the other post where I mention that the there is a conflict with the WPMU DEV plugin and my theme.

    But this post is about the message in the backend about me having install the WPMU DEV, the other post is about a conflict with my theme.

    So you need to tell me which sort of pie I have to cook to get this message removed :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Henrik

  • henrik_gregersen

    Hi Joe.

    Please let me remind you:

    The Title of this post is : Remove the "Please install the WPMU" message

    This is what I am asking for. The last time I looked I was a paying customer, yes only 19$ a month, but this is a recurring payment, and you tell me that I have a protocol issue?

    Please be professional Joe.
    You did not answer my post about how to remove the "Please install the WPMU message", and just closed the topic as resolved. For this I can not rate your support for anything other than "unhelpful"

    Please tell me how I can remove this message in the backend, when I am unable to install the WPMU DEV plugin.

    Kind Regards


  • aecnu

    Greetings Henrik,

    Thank you for your feedback and I admit I see the issue between the two posts, understand why I see it my way and why you see it yours regarding your feedback above, and neither of us are psychic so this one ended as it had.

    I know you may not see the connection between the two tickets but I do, that is why I closed this one because when you get the dashboard plugin working these messages become irrelevant because they no longer appear.

    This is my bad not thinking that you do not see or know the connection and for this I sincerely apologize.

    I am not an Employee, I am an independent contractor that has no idea how much you paid and it is none of my business. I am also the top responder by more then double and almost triple of the other support staff (holidays got my record below triple but double+ is always). I can choose who not to personally serve.

    I was not going to respond anymore to these tickets, but have reversed that decision based on your last post and hind sight which also shows I am sincere with my above statement regarding the connection etc.

    Here are the options and indeed I will close this ticket and meet you in the other ticket as originally planned but you did not know about the connection.

    1) If we get the other ticket resolved and the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin working, these messages you can simply turn off in the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugins manage section.

    2) You can remove the embedded coding from within the plugin itself. This was the part that I originally said was easy peasy but did not spell it out because I am not authorized to tell folks how to hack this part of the code. But I can assure you it is easy to identify and remove. Not authorized to tell how to remove the code I am sure you can understand.

    With all that said I will meet you in the other ticket as originally planned and all this "notice" will become irrelevant if we get the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin working and you turn the notices off in the management system.

    Sincerely, Joe

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