Remove www from multisite root domain

I mistakenly put www in my root domain on my multisite, I am not getting redirect issues to the wp-signup.php page. I found several ways to change this but many of them were old posts. Anyone have some current steps to remove the www from the root?
Many Thanks.

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    Hi @TylerJ,

    I'm sorry, I didn't fully answer this for you. there are a few more steps. The above code doesn't modify the database for you. There are a few places you need to do this:

    1. wp_options table. Remove www from siteurl and home.
    2. wp_site table - Remove www from domain
    3. wp_sitemeta table. Remove www from "siteurl

    If you've created any sites you'll also need to do the following:
    4. wp_blogs table. For each site, update the "domain" to exclude www
    5. For each site's options table: wp_N_options update siteurl to exclude www

    Sorry again for not giving a thorough answer before and missing your question. I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any other help here.

    Best regards,

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