Removing Backers and Amount Raised from Fundraising

I'm looking for a way to remove the Backers and Money raised section from the Fundraising Plugin output, is there something in the settings I am missing or something I can add to the shortcode?

  • Kimberly


    Hi there! I've done a bit of poking around with settings and cannot see any any way to remove those items without digging into the plugin code.

    I've looked into the function.php and have found the source functions. You would need to go into the template and comment out the references to these :slight_smile:

    Just open the template-functions.php and do a text search for "raised" and "backers" you can then comment out the lines in the filter so they are not returned.

    Let me now if you have any issues or this doesn't help! I will give you some more detailed instructions :slight_smile:



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