Removing Blog name from breadcrumb

I'd like to remove the blog name from the breadcrumbs. Could you tell me how to do that?

Thank you.

  • Tammie

    @bits: did you remove every instance of that both the one at page and front page showing (there are two if statements - as I said this should only be done if you know code as your editing a function here)? Because if I do it works - look in the file there are more than one place those lines are used that's probably the bit you are not doing yes? You have yet to confirm you have BuddyPress running though - do you as it depends on if you do as to if you edit this or the WordPress function.

  • Tammie

    @bits: you must be doing something wrong as you can see from these screen shots the changes I said to do mean it works. Are you getting confused as to what you are meant to be doing though?

    I use BuddyPress and I removed both if statements, but the breadcrumbs for the blog name is still there.

    You aren't meant to be removing any if statements.

    All you want to do is remove line 305:

    echo '<li class="front_page"><a href="'.get_bloginfo('url').'">'.get_bloginfo('name').'</a>';

    Then remove line 337:

    echo '<li class="front_page"><a href="'.get_bloginfo('url').'">'.get_bloginfo('name').'</a>';

  • bits

    Hi Tammie,

    I was originally editing parent theme without knowing about child theme, so today I freshly re-uploaded daily parent theme, and uploaded all the changes I made into the child theme folder.

    But the changes are not reflecting. Child theme is not overwriting the parent theme.

    So that is why the custom-functions.php file wasn't overwriting it. Other files like buddypress-postloop.php and custom post template (single-templatename.php) etc aren't overwriting either.

    Could you advise me on this? I'm using Daily 2.1

  • Tammie

    @bits: You need to give me an example as single-templatename.php isn't actually a file in the theme. I already explained about custom functions and functions being different in child themes. Trust me all works as it should in a child theme but even child themes have limits and ways you have to do things - I think here there is a misunderstanding of what they should be doing. If you look at functions.php or anything that has a direct call like this:

    require_once(DEVLIB . '/functions/custom-header.php');
    require_once(DEVLIB . '/functions/custom-functions.php');
    require_once(DEVLIB . '/functions/widget-functions.php');
    require_once(DEVLIB . '/functions/option-functions.php');

    This basically means look under the template library defined here:

    define('DEVLIB', TEMPLATEPATH . '/library');

    Why do we do this?
    Because these are core function files for the theme and not usual practice to edit. This is common amongst a lot of frameworks also.

    The practice as already explained to you with functions and to get around the fact we do this TEMPLATEPATH hardcoding in those cases is you have to delete the original from the parent them include the new one in the child. So that solves that one.

    If you are using wordpress 3.0 I suggest you update to the latest Daily theme version.

    As for the postloops in Daily the way these are being called is actually going to change I'm just wrapping up testing today / tomorrow the method of those and will release that once it's been fully tested. Daily is going onto a more 'framework' approach where the postloops are actually held in functions so you can unhook them and hook in your own in the child - this hopefully will provide more flexible styling in the future whilst still keeping the ease of not having to update several places to change loop contents.

    I'll probably do a mini post announcing this change once it is up as it will be for Daily and Product. Not 100% sure on timing as we have a hopeful beta this week (but sssh I didn't say that :slight_smile: so want to get that out first also want to use that to test this new post loop method before release it onto stable themes.

    I do see in another post you are waiting to upgrade while you are you can change TEMPLATEPATH to STYLESHEETPATH but that is a temp fix which will only work IF you have a file in the child. If you do not it will error but saying as you will in your case. I think though by the time you are updated this new feature will be on Daily.

  • bits

    Thanks Tammy for your advise and information. I have better understanding how they work. I am waiting for my major plugins' updates and then will update WP 3.0 and daily theme. (it should be soon.)

    Regarding the single-temp.php, I created a template for a certain single post. Depending on the kind of post, I can choose a different template. This file does't exist in parent theme, and when I just put this file in child theme, Daily doesn't pick up. I had to put it in parent theme folder to make it work.

    However, I also created a template file for pages. They work fine in child theme. I guess single.php file is more restricted to what can be done with the same reason above?

  • Tammie

    @bits: I will see what happens during testing the new mechanism as far as I knew if you created page templates correctly it worked for post and pages however lets see how the new method goes in beta and take from there. I'm not 100% sure what you were trying to do was actually covered by the templating mechanism internally in wordpress hence a plugin to deal with it - lets see but we won't be adding to the specification of the internal engine.

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