Removing Blogs from Toolbar

I have users on my multisite who were once Contributors but have now been downgraded to Subscribers. When they are promoted to Contributor, the blog is added to the new toolbar as one of their listed "sites". I've now downgraded their status, but the blog still stays listed on under their "My Sites" menu on the toolbar.

Is there a way to remove this listing on on their toolbar? It's not imperative, merely housekeeping.

  • mrjarbenne
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I'm referring to the Wordpress Admin bar in a Buddypress setup (in wp-config I've enabled the new Wordpress toolbar/adminbar, eliminating the Buddybar).

    It's a Buddypress Multisite setup, so the users have blogs that they are Administrators on, but under the My Sites listing, they also see the Main Domain as an option. They are only subscribers on this domain, and all of the changes they can make in that Dashboard can also be done using the front-end Buddypress "Edit Profile" menu, so I would rather the Main site not appear at all. This is a change from the BuddyBar, that did not show blogs if you were only a subscriber on them.

    Is there a way to block sites from appearing in the My Site menu of the Wordpress adminbar if the the users role on the site is Subscriber? It may be that this is a glitch that will be fixed when Buddypress natively adopts the WP Toolbar, but in the meantime, I think listing might confuse my young bloggers.

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