Removing Fixer default menu and regions

Dear Support,

I have several questions and issues regarding Upfront : Fixer default menus and regions.

I do not seem to be able to remove the default Fixer menus, for some reason they do not stay deleted. Does anybody have a solution for this?

Is there any way to remove the default Fixer regions, such as the header and footer regions?

I am experiencing very unstable region behaviour within Fixer. Regions I create and mark as Global then Save: work for a while but then tend to vanish not only from pages but from the system. This happens when I encounter other bugs, such as while loading and saving pages or activating WPMU plugins such as Chat.

Does anybody have any insite on this? Where in the CSS could I manually copy then reinsert region code in the event that they keep vanishing?; just as a time saving measure.