Removing items from WHMCS content page

Let's say you don't want to have a Knowledgebase or Downloads or Announcements in your table of WHMCS options. On the main site I could edit the template files and eliminate these choices but using WHMCS Integration is it possible to hide these options from users?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello kwikkopydc,

    I’m sorry for late response on my side!

    Removing those items will be a bit tricky, because they are in the table without classes or ids :slight_frown:

    So for the Knowlegebase, Downolads and Announcements:

    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(3) td:nth-child(3),
    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(3) td:nth-child(4) {display: none;}

    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(2) td:nth-child(3),
    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(2) td:nth-child(4) {display: none;}

    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(1) td:nth-child(3),
    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(1) td:nth-child(4) {display: none;}

    So this part of code

    #whmcs_portal table tbody tr:nth-child(3)

    is pointing which row in the table we want to adjust – so here its the third one. Next part:


    is telling which column. There are 4 columns in each row, so we are looking for 3rd and 4th to remove.

    For example if you want to remove “Contact Us” then you’ll go for 5th row and 1st and 2nd column to hide.

    You can now

    a) add it to the child theme style.css file

    b) use this small plugin

    kind regards,


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