Removing Large Calendar from Appointments Page


I have created a specific page for a Service Provider (Event)

The link to the page is

The shortcodes I have used on the page are;

[app_schedule ... worker="7"]
[app_pagination month="1"]

At present there is a large calendar appearing saying "Our Schedule From ...."
Below the large calendar is the smaller calendar with Our Schedule For.." and from this the pop out appears when the date is selected.

I would just like the small calendar to appear on this page for that service provider.

How can I achieve this?


  • Vincent Scully

    HI Ari,

    Here is the page;

    Please select the Heart Health Cardiovascular Screening Clinic that you would like to attend from the list below.

    Your Screening Appointment will last 30 minutes approximately and is divided into two sections.

    Section 1. Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire 

    During this part of the assessment you will answer a series of questions related to Cardiovascular Health. The information we require will be in the following areas;

    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Supplements
    • Family History
    • Personal Cardiovascular Symptoms
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle Factors such as smoking and alcohol

    Section 2. Assessment & Health Consultation

    • Cardiovascular Assessment
    • Assessment Interpretation & Explanation
    • Cross Reference of Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire with Cardiovascular Screening results.
    • Diet & Lifestyle Modification Recommendations

    When booking an appointment we will take a €20 NON Refundable deposit. The total cost of our Cardiovascular Health Screening is €60 and the balance will be payable at your screening.
    <td colspan="2"></td>
    <td>[app_schedule ... worker="7"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_monthly_schedule]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_pagination month="1"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_login]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_confirmation]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_paypal]</td>

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