Removing 'Login' and'Register' buttons from connect widget

Hi all,

We're using the Facebook connect widget but do not want to display the Register/Logon buttons that are above the proper 'Login with Facebook' button as they look a little murh.

We are using your Social theme by the way.

I've tried hiding them with css by adding 'display: none !important' into the child themes css file for the style: '.wdfb_connect_widget_container ul'

But no joy.

I've tried using the short code in a text widget as apparently that doesn't have these extra buttons but that doesn't work full stop - it just displays the short code text instead of treating it like a short code (so we get '[wdfb_connect]' shown where the button should be.

We do have the 'allow registering with Facebook' setting turned on so no idea why the widget isn't working either.....

Any ideas? I'm not bothered if we can get the actualy widget buttons hidden for the short code working as long as we can have the 'Login with Facebook' button showing in widgets then I'm happy.

Thanks, Gavin.