Removing Marketpress Ads from backend

In a near future release can we have the ability to easily turn off the GridMarket and SimpleMarket Theme Ads in the back-end of MP. It really doesn't matter for the main blog as much as the sub-sites.

These "Ads" don't apply to my setup as I do not allow my customers to upload themes so I have to hide them with every update.

I imagine I'm not the only one who could use such a feature... anybody else?

EDIT**: For the un-initiated here's the CSS that hides the "Ads" but you'll have to apply it to the admin side of things in a function like a I do.

table.form-table h4, span.description h4, span.description, .mp-theme-preview {display:none;}

I nearly forgot that the Store URL slugs should also be easy to hide in a multisite environment. It's far to easy for customers to screw that up. Currently other than using javascript to find the last postbox on the page, I had to edit marketpress.php to properly hide that section.