Removing (or translating) confirmation step, back from PayPal

Hello, when I come back from PayPal payment, there is a string on the button, to confirm to see the content.

1) Is that possible to remove this unnecessary confirmation step and just get back directly to the unlocked content ?
2) If it cannot be removed, how may I translate the string: "Confirm xx EUR payment to see this content" ?

One more question: about the cookie validity: if I want to use a fraction of hour should I use dot or comma to delimit decimal from integers (i.e 0,3 or 0.3 hours) ?

Actually if I set 0 (zero) it doesn't make the cookie expire after the browser is closed. I always can come back to the protected post, at least for one hour. How is that possible?

Thank you very much,

DoMiSoL Rossini

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Franco,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    You can find some ready translations for Pay Per View here:

    To use such translation simply select the language, scroll down the page and export the translation as both .po and .mo file. Upload it to


    folder and if the file language matches the language set for WordPress it should work out of the box. If it doesn't work, please go to your dashboard's

    "Settings" -> "General" page

    and re-save these settings by clicking "Save Changes".

    As for cookie validity. Try setting it with . (dot) for a fraction. Setting it to "0" should make cookie expired right at the end of the session - when the user's browser is closed.

    Having said that, do you use any caching plugins on your site (e.g. W3 Total Cache or similar). Please advise!


  • Franco Tomassi

    Hi Adam,

    thank you very much for your precious response. Yes I do use a cache plugin (that was why the cookie didn't expire with the session) now that I set up a validity of 0.03 (almost 2 minutes) it is working the way I meant.

    I managed to tranlate the strings I strongly needed in italian and uploaded .po and .mo in the right folder, emptied all the cachese, refreshed the language in general settings, but still can't get the button translation to go.

    Any idea?

    Thank you very much indeed,

    DoMiSoL Rossini

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Franco,

    It's great that we managed to deal with the cookie issue here.

    As for translation. I've run some testing on my own sandbox install and I can confirm that the translation files don't work as they should "out of the box". The workaround here is to rename both files respectively to:




    This is obviously an inconsistency with a name convention here so I've notified the plugin's developer to take a look and possibly give it a quick fix.

    I hope that helps!


  • Franco Tomassi

    Hello Adam,

    yes, the renaming made the translation work, thank you.

    I still have the question if this confirmation stage is mandatory or not.
    I'd like to come back from paypal straight to the content.

    Anyway, I have an error: I accept to pay and go to my sandbox, then click on "cancel and go back to the seller's site" I still find the buttons asking to pay, but If I go ahead I got this error:

    There was a problem finalizing your purchase with PayPal. Please try again.
    10415 - Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. - A successful transaction has already been completed for this token.

    Is that a known problem with the sandbox?

    Thank you very much,

    DoMiSoL Rossini

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @Franco Tomassi,

    Unfortunately removing confirmation button is currently not possible and it would require some changes to plugin files in order to make it work that way.

    Regarding the error when clicking on cancellation link, I tested this on my installation but was unable to replicate the issue, so I would like to have a look at your current setup if you could grant us support access to your site.
    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    Best regards,

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