Removing Payment and monetization from Pro Sites

Hello support, looking for wisdom and some guidance….

I’m currently trying to setup a WordPress multisite for a school, which allows all students within the school to have their own site.

I would like to give students the ability to signup and register to the site, and have their own site / blog. This part WordPress can do natively.

I’m currently looking for a plugin or solution which would allow me to limit what each student group can access.

The current groups are:


Middle School

High School

I would like each student who registers to be setup with a default group permission of Elementary, with the SuperAdmin of the WordPress multisite able to easily change a students group, therefore changing their permissions.

This is where Pro Sites comes in, the plugin is great and would definitely aid for what I’m wanting, however I don’t need any of the payment steps, or monetization.

If I could remove the pricing tables from the registration page, and just allow students to register normally, without seeing “pricing”, this would definitely be a big step.

As Pro Sites already have the ability to setup levels, allow users of certain levels to have access to more or less features such as plugins and themes, Pro Sites has most of the core features I’m looking for, in terms of group permission setup for multisite, and the ability to give the SuperAdmin a simple solution to change a users level / access.

So to some up:

Is there any way of removing the pricing tables from the login page?

Am I on the right track to what I’m wanting, and the possibility to use Pro Sites?

Any other plugin or solutions you can recommend?

I thank you for your help and support in advance! :slight_smile: